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The McCartney Years JJ Shiplett Patrick Norman Antarctique Solo The Franklin Electric Zébulon Julien Tremblay The Grand Illusion Tribute to Styx Stéphane Fallu Dominic et Martin Queens of Rock Les Grandes Crues Robby Johnson Patrick Lehman Neil Pariseau Derek Seguin Cindy Bédard Alain Choquette Réal Béland

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The McCartney Years

The McCartney Years - 16 Septembre 2017 - Salle Dottori Hall Temiscaming


September 16, 2017

Pre-sales 36 $ / 41 $ at the door - (English)

International tribute band dedicated to honouring the career of Sir Paul McCartney; The McCartney Years offers a vast collection of post-Beatles hits, and some Fab Four classics, highlighting the illustrious career of Paul McCartney. Note that the performers, in this 3 hour show, use authentic instruments from Paul McCartney & Wings famous Wings Over America tour.

The McCartney Years will embark on a three week European tour, starting in the Netherlands, three weeks after their Dottori Hall performance.

JJ Shiplett

JJ Shiplett - 23 Septembre 2017 - Salle Dottori Hall Temiscaming


September 23, 2017

Pre-sales 36 $ / 41 $ at the door - (English)

JJ Shiplett is currently Canada's most talked about new country artist!

The talented Calgary native puts on a tremendous live show, which is sure to please any country fan. His recent hits "Something to Believe in" and "Higher Ground" occupied the top spots on Canada's country music charts.

Many fans have compared JJ Shiplett as a mix of Tom Cochrane and Bruce Springsteen; it is true that his voice resembles these great artists. JJ Shiplett is presently on tour across Canada, and Temiscaming is fortunate to be on of his 2017 tour stops.

Patrick Norman

Salle Dottori Hall | Saison 2017-2018 Season | Temiscaming

September 28, 2017

Pre-sales 36 $ / 41 $ at the door - (French)

Patrick Norman is celebrating a 45 years career with the release of his new album "Après la tombée du Rideau", which was launched during a special evening in Montreal.

It doesn't stop there, to honour such a great career, Normand is taking the stage with his "Après la tombée du rideau" show, truly celebrating 45 years of service to the music industry.

Accompanied by his loyal bandmates Jean-Guy Grenier, and John McDiarmid, Patrick will have you singing and dancing along to his timeless hits such as "La guitare de Jérémie", "J'ai oublié de vivre", "Perce les nuarges", and "L'hirondelle"… but also with his more recent hits like "C'était l'été" and "Quand elle laisse tomber ses cheveux". A new show, for 45 years of passion and emotion.

Antarctique Solo

Antarctique Solo - 4 Octobre 2017 - Salle Dottori Hall Temiscaming


October 4, 2017

Pre-sales 26 $ / 31 $ at the door - (French)

Author Bryan Perro's "Antarctique Solo" talks about the dangerous trip Quebec native and explorer Frédéric Dion made to the South Pole in 2014. Comedian Rémi-Pierre Paquin perfectly personifies the explorer.

After having crossed hundreds of obstacles, with a tired body, and a spirit shaken by a harsh sun that never sets, Dion falls victim of a violent snow squall, and loses his slay containing vital materials. He then starts his fight against the elements in order to find his survival kit as soon as possible. From experience, Frédéric knows he only has about 20 minutes to find his slay, before it is completely covered in snow. Minute by minute, Dion experiences a rush of emotions; flashes of his doubts, his exploits, his family, and most certainly his capacity to go toe-to-toe with death, and win.

Antarctique Solo is an excellent tale highlighting the journey of a 21st century explorer, who isn't afraid to brave the cold, but shows his sensitive side in the process.

The Franklin Electric

The Franklin Electric - 3 Novembre 2017 - Salle Dottori Hall Temiscaming


November 3, 2017

Pre-sales 31 $ / 36 $ at the door - (English)

Montreal's own The Franklin Electric is making quite the name for themselves as they tour different countries around the world. It is now their turn to take center stage as headliners, after spending months opening for Mumford and Sons and Half Moon Run all over the globe.

The Franklin Electric offers a beautiful blend of rich and melodic music. Their talents and unique sound lend themselves well to a very promising international career. You won't want to miss out on this show at Dottori Hall! Fortunately, this show is exclusive to the Dottori Hall, as the band will not be making any other stops in Abitibi Temiscaming.


Salle Dottori Hall | Saison 2017-2018 Season | Temiscaming

November 10, 2017 - (French)

Pre-sales 36 $ / 41 $ at the door

Marc Déry, Yves Marchand, and Zébulon have been staple of music in Quebec for the past 25 years.

With a strong fan base in our region, Zébulon offers a riveting acoustic concert, which is sure to rock your musical taste buds. They will be performing all of their classics from "Marie-Louise à Mars ou Vénus" all the way to "Les Femmes à Adrénaline". Zébulons will cover all of their hits in this can't miss concert at Dottori Hall.

Furthemore, Zébulon is launching a new album in the fall of 2017, so those in attendance are sure to be treated to some of their new and upcoming hits.

Julien Tremblay

Julien Tremblay - 18 Novembre 2017 - Salle Dottori Hall Temiscaming


November 18, 2017

Pre-sales 31 $ / 36 $ at the door - (French)

As a native of Ontario, Julien started his career at a young age, competing and taking home prizes in various improvisation competitions across the province. Moreover, at the age of 16, Julien took home the "Jeunes pour rire" contest, and took part in his first "Just for Laughs" gala.

With his exceptional talents, Tremblay took home the Victor prize for revelation of the year Just for Laughs. Moreover, his web series was one of the first in Quebec to achieve over 1 million views on YouTube.

Julien is very unique, as he delivers his comedy monologues with the aid of his guitar, and timely melodic rifts, making him one of the more unique comedians to grace the Dottori Hall stage.

The Grand Illusion

The Grand Illusion Styx - 9 Décembre 2017 - Salle Dottori Hall Temiscaming


December 9, 2017

Pre-sales 36 $ / 41 $ at the door - (English)

For over 15 years, The Grand Illusions are the official Styx tribute band in North America. Their music has pleased crowds everywhere they've performed. The band is made up of 6 musicians that deliver an impeccable performance honouring the great sounds and harmonies of Styx, a legendary band that has influenced generations of music across the globe.

From "Lady" to "Crystal Ball", all the way to "Come Sail Away" and "Renegade", the band will blow you away with their sound and energy, and are sure to deliver a can't miss performance that will make you relive the best music from the career of Styx. Another amazing tribute band live at Dottori Hall.

Stéphane Fallu

Salle Dottori Hall | Saison 2017-2018 Season | Temiscaming

December 13, 2017

Pre-sales 36 $ / 41 $ at the door - (French)

A graduate of "l'École nationale de l'humour" in 1994, Stéphane Fallu has been burning up the comedy stage for over 20 years. A regular at "Just for Laughs" and "Le Grand Rire, Stéphane is also a regular on a handful of popular TV shows.

Fallu has a gift of making people laugh about relatable everyday situations, and with his charm and genuine personality, he's built a very successful career in the comedy industry. We are very fortunate to have him among us this season at Dottori Hall!

Dominic et Martin

Dominic et Martin - 25 Janvier 2018 - Salle Dottori Hall Temiscaming


January 25, 2018

Pre-sales 36 $ / 41 $ at the door - (French)

No introduction needed in the case of Quebec's favourite comedic duo, Dominic and Martin. They will be presenting a brand new show celebrating their illustrious 25 year career.

Friends since childhood and partners on stage for a quarter century, Dominic and Martin have drawn over 1 million fans to their shows since their introduction to the comedy industry.

You won't want to miss out on one of the biggest shows to come to Dottori Hall, Dominic and Martin will have the crowd in stitches all night long!

Queens of Rock

Queens of Rock - 27 Janvier 2018 - Salle Dottori Hall Temiscaming


January 27, 2018

Pre-sales 36 $ / 41 $ at the door - (95% English)

Produced by singer, and Montreal native Elyzabeth Diaga (Rock Story, Cavalia, Sherazade, Dracula…), this 90 minute show is the ultimate tribute to some of rock's most influential women of the past 40 years.

Linked through heart and soul with every one of these artists, it's with her voice, her stage presence, artistic visuals, many costume changes, and her four talented bandmates that Elyzabeth is able to blow crowds away with her performance.

Welcome to the palace of the Queens of Rock. Emotion… Fierce… Sensitive… Revolutionary.

Les Grandes Crues

Les Grandes Crues - 2 Février 2018 - Salle Dottori Hall Temiscaming


February 2, 2018

Pre-sales 26 $ / 31 $ at the door - (French)

A female comedy duo which brings back memories of vintage show business, cabaret style to the tune of Dodo et Denise. Les Grandes Crues is composed of Eve Côté and Mari-Lyne Joncas, both graduates of l'École Nationale de l'Humour in 2014.

Why les Grandes Crues? Because they are like a good fine wine; full-bodied, yet just the right dosage, and definitely not corked. On stage, these two young comedians talk about their recipe to happiness in a casual, yet charming fashion. They invite you to come have a glass of wine, kick back, relax, and enjoy a truly authentic performance.

Their motto: "Life is made up of two things: Accepting who we are, and… a good glass of Muscadet".

Don't miss out on Quebec's comedy discovery of the year!!

Robby Johnson

Robby Johnson - 17 Février 2018 - Salle Dottori Hall Temiscaming


February 17, 2018

Pre-sales 40 $ / 46 $ at the door - (English)

The story behind this New Country signer is truly remarkable, a fairy tale of sorts. Robby Johnson, birth name Sylvain Robitaille, is a singer born in Beauce. He became a star south of the border after being discovered by Faith Hill and Tim McGraw's music producer.

This very talented musician styles ranges across many different genres, primarily pop, rock, and country. His first ever single, "South of Me", has been viewed nearly 3 million times on YouTube since it was posted on October 18th 2016. His stock continues to rise, and Johnson is well on his way to becoming a star, as he has dates scheduled across North America.

Believe it or not, Dottori Hall is lucky enough to be a part of his current tour. We are looking forward to seeing Robby rock Temiscaming this coming season.

Patrick Lehman

Patrick Lehman - 24 Février 2018 - Salle Dottori Hall Temiscaming


February 24, 2018

Pre-sales 26 $ / 31 $ at the door - (English)

Patrick Lehman began making a name for himself within the Montreal music scene, while still being a student at Concordia University. During this time, Lehman was asked to sing during Montreal's International Jazz Festival as part of the "Paul Simon Tribute", alongside other notable artists including Daniel Lanois, Sam Roberts, Colin James, Elvis Costello, and Arianne Moffatt. The show had over 150,000 in attendance, and was also broadcast on Bravo, ArTV, and CBC.

CBC named Patrick "Canada's best kept secret", as outside of the country, he is still relatively unknown, but definitely beloved within it. Patrick already has many astounding achievements to his name, including being a finalist for a Juno Award in the category of "Best R&B/Soul recording of the year".

Neil Pariseau opening

Neil PariseauThis show will also include some local talent, as Neil Pariseau will be performing some of his original music for everyone in attendance. Neil is known for his drum/singer work with Cletus Jones, and the Kipawa River Band. Neil will be presenting songs from his first album, which is set to release some time in 2018.

Derek Seguin

Derek Seguin - 10 Mars 2018 - Salle Dottori Hall Temiscaming

March 10, 2018

Pre-sales 36 $ / 41 $ at the door - (English)

Derek Seguin is one of Canada's favourite comedians. He is a regular on CBC's The Debaters, where he's appeared about 30 times.

Derek has also been part of the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal 7 times, and was named Sirius XM's top comedian in 2015. Seguin is in high demand across the country, and regularly tours Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto and Vancouver comedy festivals. Given his popularity, we are happy to have Derek with us in 2018.

This show will be presented in a cabaret format, with a supper being served before the show. It is possible to buy tickets for just the show, if desired. A special surprise guest comic will also be making an appearance, so you won't want to miss out on this great evening.

Cindy Bédard

Cindy Bédard - 23 Mars 2018 - Salle Dottori Hall Temiscaming

March 23, 2018

Pre-sales 26 $ / 31 $ at the door - (French)

Her first album "Fille du Vent" (nominated for Country Album of the Year at ADISQ), allowed the public to get a first glimpse at this authentic and talented singer. The Saint-Tite native took home the "Interprète féminine de l'année" at the last Country Music Gala. Accompanied by a very talented musicians, Cindy will be presenting songs from her new album, Coeur Sédentaire.

This show will be presented in a cabaret format, with a supper being served before the show. It is possible to buy tickets for just the show, if desired.

Alain Choquette

Alain Choquette - 27 Avril 2018 - Salle Dottori Hall Temiscaming

April 27, 2018

Pre-sales 36 $ / 41 $ at the door - (French)

Back in Quebec after 500 appearances in France, Alain Choquette will deliver a very dynamic, and entertaining show. This performer challenges his audiences throughout his show, all the while telling them the story of how he became a magician. Mind boggling card tricks and surprising interactive experiences, the magic of Alain Choquette is innovative, full of subtleties, and irresistibly funny. People who attend his shows leave the room in awe, and with a smile from ear to ear.

Réal Béland

Salle Dottori Hall | Saison 2017-2018 Season | Temiscaming

May 10, 2018

Pre-sales 36 $ / 41 $ at the door - (French)

The hilarious Réal Béland, better known for his famous characters like "le King des ados", a character inspired by teenagers from Generation Y, and by lesser known characters such as "Mr. Latreille", a notorious prankster. Béland is a teenager at heart, yet he's been in the business for nearly 30 years. You might also recognize Béland from the classic film “Les Boys 4”.

Réal Béland's new show promises to be his best one to date. That's great news, as it is the show he will be presenting at Dottori Hall this season. We can't wait!

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Dottori Hall is also the gateway, or final stop, on a tour in the Abitibi Temiscamingue region. A convenient stop in between Outaouais and Abitibi. A convenient stop in between Outaouais and Northern Ontario. A convenient stop in between Ottawa and Toronto. And a short drive between a network of medium sized markets, like Parry Sound and Barrie for example. Moreover, Dottori Hall is the only entertainment organization in Quebec to be responsible for officially programming shows in two distinct regions of the province, Temiscamingue and Pontiac. Dottori Hall in Temiscaming seats 500 spectators, while Sieur de Coulonge in Pontiac can host up to 200 spectators. Dottori Hall truly is an agent’s ideal partner.